Semalam 3 peristiwa berlaku serentak, Badminton Piala Sudirman ( ambe tengok tapi pasukan China still favourite) , Final Akademi Fantasia ( tertekan punat button 104), dan Live MU vs Arsenal.

KEJUARAAN KE 11, MU tetap gah walaupun seri dengan Arsenal semalam. Takpelah kekandaku Nik Abduh yang menyokong Liverpool, cuba lain kali ye...

antara interview dengan captain MU, Ryan Giggs

Most 35-year-olds still have decades of their working lives ahead of them, but footballers of that age are firmly placed in the ‘veteran’ bracket. Is it frustrating to think some people regard you as ‘old’?

Not really. I’ve been in the team since I was 17 and I think I first read about myself as a ‘veteran’ when I was about 28! I’m used to it now, though it’s hard to understand it sometimes because I feel young and I’m surrounded by young players. It’s a bit weird to be the old man in the team, but I just don’t see myself like that. I certainly don’t feel 35… except the day after a hard game. Then I definitely feel old!

walaupun dah tua, tapi semangat masih muda. Usaha terus berusaha. Cayalah satu lagi misi kita menawan LIGA JUARA lawan Barcelona.

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